Landscaping & Yard Services

Quality and variety are the cornerstones of our business and we are continually adding quality offerings to our menu of services to the delight of our customers. We want to be a one-stop shop at what we do so our customers can relax reassured that we will take care of all their needs end-to-end. Many of our services have evolved based on feedback from our customers and inspired imagination from our employees. If you do not find something you need, ask us, we may do it just for you!
New Braunfels Trimming & Pruning

Trimming & Pruning

Did you know that seasonal pruning can help boost the health and extend the life of your plants? By removing the broken, diseased, or dead pieces of stem and leaves, your plants will be free from infection and can invest their precious nutrients into healthy new leaves and flowers. Our trimming services will also be sure to maintain an impeccable, full shape for your hedges, bushes, and trees.

New Braunfels Painting


Whether you need a few rooms painted or are looking to give your entire house a makeover, the experts at Redemption Painting and Lawn Care are here to help. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Let us get to work for you!

New Braunfels Garden Clean-Up

Garden Clean-Up

Even the best landscapes need regular maintenance in order to look their best all year 'round. Get our garden clean-up crew to take care of the dirty work, from removing old dried leaves to blowing away that stubborn moss from your driveway. Our clean-up services are available on a one-time basis, or as a part of a regular maintenance plan. Give us a call today, and see the difference a little garden clean-up can make!

New Braunfels Bark, Mulch, and Topsoil

Bark, Mulch, and Topsoil

Some landscapes only need a bag of dirt, but others require a whole truck full! Whatever your situation might be, Redemption Painting and Lawn Care is here to help! We will bring the exact amount of bark, mulch, or topsoil that you need, and expertly lay it out where it will benefit your garden the most. We source our supply from only the best providers, so you can be sure that your soil or ground cover will not only look good, but be good for the health of your plants too.

New Braunfels Plants


There is no bigger aspect to the appeal of a garden than the flora that live there. Our landscapers are botanical experts, with the knowledge of all the best plants to grow in New Braunfels, TX's climate. We assess your yard carefully, and recommend the best selections based on your preferences and the amount of water and light they will receive. Our scheduled maintenance services will also ensure that your plants are always healthy and thriving in their new home.

New Braunfels Lawn Service

Lawn Service

Having the perfect lawn entails so much more than just cutting the grass. It takes proper regular watering, fertilization, weeding, and animal pest control to ensure that your landscape is green and fresh all year 'round, especially with New Braunfels's temperamental climate. Protect your lawn and give it the best, with our regular lawn maintenance services specifically for you. We work with your schedule and develop a plan that will keep your garden looking how you like it.

New Braunfels Tree Service

Tree Service

A beautiful yard is not complete without beautiful trees, but in certain situations, trees can prove to be hazards to your home and property. When you need a professional to service your trees, there is no better name in the biz than Redemption Painting and Lawn Care. We will trim and prune pesky branches, remove unwanted or hazardous trees, grind or uproot stumps, and provide emergency services as necessary.